Clinishare is disrupting and improving the connection
between labs, healthcare professionals and patients
for an improved outcome.


Why are we doing what we are doing? We are a team of change-makers and visionaries clearly focused on the significant role we have to play in shaping the sharing of patient information, and how that information can be used to influence and improve the future of human health.

We believe that others are equally focused and passionate about reaching new healthcare horizons, and we wish to work additively to ensure that together we reach a common goal of a better future. It is with this sentiment that we wish to lead, to offer direction, and to support others in their journey to improve human health. Our goal is to share data effectively and with purpose, ultimately improving outcomes for all stakeholders within health.

To the organisations and communities that share our technologies, we ask that you use our technology as it was intended – to lead your organisations towards a new vision and value for the patient, and to use us to support your ability to change lives so that we may fill our own goal of making a difference.

To those who share our vision – let us work together collaboratively, with the common goal of mutual success.

Our logo reflects the sentiment of our vision. The never-ending loop of the Mobius strip is capable of exploring and filling new voids, pushing new boundaries whilst remaining connected with a common purpose.