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Department for the Economy (DfE) funded PhD Studentship in collaboration with Ulster and Clinisent

Designing an intelligent maternity care application to enhance the current maternity care communication system for pregnant women in Northern Ireland

Applications are invited for the following DfE CAST studentship (Co-operative Awards in Science and Technology). This interdisciplinary PhD project is available in the Institute of Nursing & Health Research (in collaboration with Computing Science Research Institute and Clinisent, N. Ireland) and is tenable in the Faculty of Life and Sciences (in collaboration with Faculty of Computing and Mathematics) at Jordanstown Campus.

Working with a team of experts from Clinisent, Midwifery and Computing Science will provide the necessary academic, clinical and business opportunity for a student with the appropriate skill set. Consultation with the Public Health Agency and key stakeholders will ensure the project remains focused and policy led.


Project Summary


The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent information system using ICT to provide a safe, secure and integrate maternity care platform, to complement and to reduce the need for a woman to carry a paper copy of her Green Maternity Notes. This platform can be integrated with the ECR, presenting both patient pre-natal and post-natal information and key clinical data on fetal development clearly and effectively. This digital green record known as e-notes would complement the current ECR platform and enable obstetricians, GPs, midwives and mothers to access all personal health record information relating to the mother and her baby’s journey prenatally and postnatally. The project will also use algortithms to develop a traffic light system for women to undertake self – assessment of risk and seek early medical and midwifery intervention. The project team envisages the APPS developed will be compatible with the digital health platform currently being planned for NI.

See here for more information on the project.

Entrance Requirements


Candidates should have ordinary UK residence to be eligible for both fees and maintenance. Non UK residents who hold ordinary EU residence may also apply but if successful will receive fees only. All applicants should hold a first or upper second class honours degree in Computer Science or a cognate area. Applications will be considered on a competitive basis with regard to the candidate’s qualifications, skills experience and interests. Successful candidates will enrol as of 1 October 2017, on a full-time programme of research studies leading to the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.


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The closing date for receipt of completed applications is 28 August 2017. Interviews will be held in September 2017

We look forward to hearing from you.

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