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We are today honoured to welcome Dr Ahmad Ghazzawi to our team

Overview of Dr Ahmad Ghazzawi



I was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in an expat family with a business mentality to create opportunities in a changing environment. Although we all completed school in Saudi then moved abroad to continue higher education, i was the first to move back to the UK and be on my own searching for my next steps. I did my bachelours in Medical Electronics from university of Kent at Canterbury, during which I was involved in a number of student societies and activities, but mainly i was awarded Pfizer award for being the top student and a Royal Navy award for team project management. After this I moved to Imperial College London for an MSc in Medical physics and Engineering. During which i learned a true change in environment away from the circles i made at Kent and to adapt to new busy ways of thinking.Once completed, I moved to Cambridge University for a research associate role for 3 years. At the end of which i had both my father and my supervisor passed away. It was a turning point where i had to replan and establish a new foothold, using previous experiences and new ways of thinking.My time at Cardiff university after that was a place where change for the best was made, i was involved in a number of part time roles, mainly to explore and train my skills in a number of areas including team leadership, marketing, lectureship, supervision in addition to my own research. Once completed, i was hired by Lombard medical at an R&D engineer, then shortly after was head hunted by GE for a challenging position. From then on, my life has turned to a more market focused, more regional thinking and adaptability to think out of the box. I take proudly my past under my belt and think forward to tackle an ever changing demands for the future.

Being head hunted by GE healthcare to move to Riyadh for a role that involves introducing a new technology to the Middle East, i wasn’t fully aware of the full spectrum of challenges that laid ahead. Although we had a strong product and a great opportunity, the local colleagues as well as the market had no prior knowledge nor the experience of the clinical and the technical properties of this new technology. Furthermore, the product had a major issue with the country of origin to bring to the region. However, with patience, strong market research and cautious plan to move one step at a time, the first MR guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound now is installed in the Middle East thanks to everyone’s support and hard work in the team and it existed a year before competition who did not have the same challenges


Secondly, I feel extremely proud of working with Cardiff Racing, which was a part time voluntary task I took while at Cardiff University.  The team was part of an international initiative for students to create a team to design, build, test, and race a car in an annual race (Formula Student).  Initially, the students were excited to be part of a team to build a racing car but as time went by the team felt pressure to spend time in an extra curriculum topic  that had timelines and strict rules. I felt proud of negotiating sponsor deals with Mitsubishi, caterpillar and so on, but mainly to negotiate with the university to create engineering projects that students can take as part of their degrees to design and build parts for the car. From then on, there was a visible difference in enthusiasm and time spent in the team. We managed a respectable 5th/115 as a best, and a few prestigious awards including National Instruments award for best design. In addition, one of the students is now working for Ferrari F1 team.

Of course I take no credit in the designs and work done, but i feel proud to inspire and work behind the scene to enable such opportunities for the team as well as for GE healthcare

What’s your proudest work achievement to date (if different)

I feel extremely proud and humbled by what opportunities are thrown at me, and how the right resources were available to achieve such results.

In addition to the above, I feel proud that during the 2008 recession in the UK, a group was just starting (Le Monde Group) in Cardiff. However, once opened and operated they suffered massive stall in revenue. I thank, again, the circumstances that a few doors were open to explore and i managed to negotiate sponsorship deals with sports clubs, including conditions of regular visits, photos, logos, and a number of terms that helped the groups to see the revenue they expected all along within 9 months

Any regrets?

Regret is another word of hindsight. And yes, hindsight is always 20-20. But life also teaches me lessons for next challenge and shapes up a few skills and only adds to the energy to work harder and smarter

What brought you to join Clinisent?

I found out about Clinisent through common contacts. After finding out more about the product and ideas for short and long term, I strongly feel there is a (and excuse my language) HUUUGGGGGEEEEEE opportunity for Clinisent, not only in the Middle East but also globally. The idea is great and the commitment i see is brilliant.

Let me explain, at some point i wanted to do my PhD at Cambridge University, which by all means will be a great stamp in my CV. However, things didn’t work out since my supervisor and father passed away within the same year and meant things didn’t look smooth for the future to optain what i thought was a gold medal in my CV. However, Having had a Pfizer award, and a Royal navy award for project management and team management, i thought things needs to be reconsidered and i had to sit down, have a cup of tea and replan. And ever since, my winning equation had to include a strong university (or company), with a winning idea (or product), with a committed team (or supervisor/manager),  and ever since i have been hitting the milestones. At Cardiff University, then Lombard Medical, then GE Healthcare and recently at Philips Healthcare. And now I believe the ingredients exist with Clinisent

How do you think Clinisent will make an impact on the world?

Initially, this is a start up and it is no secret that things are evolving as we speak. But when top companies including GE and Apple come out and say that to be successful to have to think like a start up, I feel an actual start up has just as much chance to succeed as a huge company. And this is after working with corporations for 5 years. I know Clinisent has a bigger advantage when big companies are wishing to be start ups. Because P&L is better, and opportunities are better.

Furthermore, the product has a massive selling point. As I spend more in the market, i know the future is to connect everyone together is a secure and patient oriented view. I know that the smart companies are willing to invest in Healthcare IT to have a leading edge to connect everyone together. I know that in the Middle East, hospitals are yearning to have a leading edge to be above all. But what if we can offer all hospitals, and all clinics and all laboratories with a product that allows patient data to be safe, shared, available, updated, and free (upon permission of the patient) to move, this is the future. This is what Clinisent offers and this is what no one else is doing at the moment.